Staff Handbook

1. Introduction4
2. Working Hours4
3. Pay and Review4
4. Personal Details5
5. Data Protection Policy – HR Data5
Data Protection Principles6
Data Management Procedures6
Special Category Data7
Individual Rights7
Data Security8
Impact Assessments9
Data Breaches9
International data transfers9
Individual Responsibilities10
6. Holidays10
7. Sickness absence11
Certification of sickness absence11
Statutory Sick Pay12
Company Sick Pay13
The following conditions apply to the payment of Company sick pay:13
8. Access to Medical Reports13
9. Maternity15
Ante-natal Care15
Maternity Leave15
Holiday and maternity leave16
Statutory Maternity Pay16
Keeping in Touch16
10. Time Off to Accompany a Partner to Ante-Natal/Adoption Appointments17
11. Adoption17
Adoption Appointments17
Adoption Leave18
Holiday and adoption leave18
Statutory Adoption Pay19
Keeping in Touch19
12. Paternity Leave19
13. Shared Parental Leave and Pay21
14. Parental Leave27
15. Flexible Working27
16. Medical and other appointments28
17. Compassionate Leave28
18. Parental Bereavement Leave and Pay28
19. Time off for Dependants29
20. Jury Service29
21. Public Duties30
22. Staff Discount Scheme30
23. Expenses30
24. IT Policy31
25. Social Media Policy34
26. Mobile Telephones & Hand Held Devices35
27. Dress and Appearance35
28. Eye Tests and Glasses36
29. Anti-Bribery Policy36
Prohibited Conduct37
Reporting Suspected Bribery37
Corporate Hospitality and Gifts37
30. Code of Conduct38
31. Conflicts Policy38
Guidelines and Reporting Obligations39
32. Smoking/E-Cigarettes39
33. Equal Opportunities40
34. Harassment41
What is Harassment?41
Forms of Harassment41
Managerial Responsibility41
Harassment Procedure42
35. Health and Safety42
36. Alcohol and Substance Abuse43
37. Whistle-Blowing44
38. Grievance Procedure45
39. Disciplinary and Dismissal Procedure45
40. Gross Misconduct47
41. Retirement48
42. Notice Periods48

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