Staff Handbook

obtained, and the appropriate documentation has been completed and supporting receipts submitted: • Cars - mileage at the rate of 50p per mile (for the first 10,000 miles in the tax year, 25p per mile thereafter) and all necessary parking charges and unavoidable tolls. (You are responsible for any fines or penalties incurred) • Trains - standard class fare • Accommodation - cost of room and all necessary meals and reasonable drinks • Meals - as necessary and to a reasonable standard whilst on authorised business. You are expected to use the most cost effective transport, methods and routes when travelling to carry out your duties. WARNING Payment of your expense claims will be delayed or withheld if not properly substantiated. Fraudulent claims will be treated as gross misconduct and could result in your dismissal . The Company’s computer equipment is supplied for business use only. Employees are permitted a small amount of personal use in their own time (see below for details) but only if the equipment is not required at the time for business purposes. When employees use the equipment for personal use, they must abide by the rules on authorised use set out within this policy. Information Security You must take the appropriate steps to guard against unauthorised access to, alteration, accidental loss, disclosure or destruction of data. Under no circumstances should you divulge passwords to anyone else nor should you gain access or attempt to gain access to information stored electronically which is beyond the scope of your authorised access level. Electronic Mail (E-mail) Policy The use of the e-mail system within the Company is encouraged, as its appropriate use facilitates communication and improves efficiency. Its inappropriate use, however, causes many problems ranging from minor 24.IT Policy General


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