Staff Handbook

21.Public Duties You are entitled to reasonable time off during working hours to perform the duties associated with certain positions, such as Justices of the Peace, school governors, members of a local authority, statutory tribunal or police authority. You are not, however, entitled to payment for this time. If you are considering taking on any public duties you are advised to discuss this with your line manager. You would need to consider how frequently and what level of time off you would wish for. Your line manager would need to consider whether the proposed time off would be reasonable and what impact it would have on the effective running of the Company. 22.Staff Discount Scheme The Company runs a Staff Discount Scheme for employees who have successfully completed their probationary period. From time to time the Scheme is amended and the Company reserves the right to change it or withdraw it at any time without notice. Currently the Scheme provides 30% off wholesale prices for eligible staff members. The Scheme is intended to allow staff to buy Stormtech products for their own use and that of family and friends. Staff members are not allowed to sell goods on that they have purchased under this Scheme. Any abuse of the Scheme would result in disciplinary action and could result in dismissal. 23. Expenses The Company will reimburse you for approved expenses wholly and necessarily incurred in the course of your work. It is not the purpose of payment for expenses to provide you with an incentive or reward for non-standard duties. The amount of any payment for expenses will be the additional costs incurred as a result of you undertaking a work assignment. Expenses will be paid in accordance with the regulations and interpretation of HM Revenue and Customs or suspended if necessary at its instruction. Any special ad hoc arrangements made to suit particular circumstances will not be considered to set any form of precedent. Prior authorisation from the Director of Sales, Retail & International is required for all travel and subsistence expenses . You will be entitled to claim the following providing they are reasonable, prior authorisation has been


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