Staff Handbook

36.Alcohol and Substance Abuse Alcohol and substance misuse may have a detrimental effect upon your health, it impairs safety judgement, and can adversely influence your work performance and your relationships with colleagues and customers. It can result in reduced efficiency and increased absenteeism. The Company has a duty towards and is concerned about the health and welfare of all employees. It is therefore Company policy to: • promote a responsible attitude to the consumption of alcohol amongst employees • offer assistance to those employees who require it • treat alcohol and substance abuse as a health problem and encourage employees to seek professional assistance. The Company has a statutory duty to protect the health and safety of you and your fellow employees and to this end the use of illegal drugs, controlled substances and the consumption of alcohol is strictly forbidden whilst at work. Additionally, attendance at work whilst under the influence of illegal drugs, controlled substances or alcohol is strictly prohibited. If it is suspected that you are under the influence of alcohol or other substances you will be excluded from your place of work as a precautionary measure and you may be offered the opportunity of a suitable test. If you refuse any test, or if a test establishes or it is otherwise apparent that you are under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances you will be suspended for the rest of the day without pay and recorded as absent without permission. On your return to work you will be subject to the Company’s disciplinary procedures. You should note that the Company has a zero tolerance approach to working whilst under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances. The Company will treat any absence due to alcohol and substance abuse in the same way as sickness absence on condition the employee obtains professional treatment and maintains regular contact with their line manager. The Company will treat all relevant discussions in strict confidence. If inadequate work performance or unacceptable behaviour, including poor work relationships, occur or persist, the matter may be dealt with under the Disciplinary and Dismissal Procedure. Careful consideration will be given if you have acknowledged the existence of a problem and/or have agreed to obtain medical help for the condition.


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