Staff Handbook

Unused holiday entitlement may not be carried forward into the next holiday year; it is your responsibility to ensure that you take your full entitlement each year. Payment for holidays will be at your normal rate of pay. Should you fall sick prior to a period of pre-booked holiday, you must follow the sickness notification procedure and will be permitted to rearrange your holiday. Should you fall sick whilst on holiday and wish to defer the remainder of your holiday, you must follow the sickness notification procedure. Upon termination of your employment, you will normally be required to take any unused accrued holiday entitlement during your notice period. Payment will normally be made for any holiday entitlement which remains outstanding on your last day of service. If you have taken more annual holiday entitlement than you have accrued during the holiday year, the balance will be deducted from any outstanding pay. In these circumstances accrual is calculated on the basis of 1/52 nd of the annual entitlement for each week of service in the holiday year. Payment for holidays in these circumstances will be made on a pro-rata basis to your service in the current holiday year. Unused holiday pay will not be paid at the end of employment, where termination is due to gross misconduct or where the full contractual notice period is not served and worked. You are required to contact your line manager or arrange for your line manager to be notified by 10.00 a.m. on your first day of sickness absence. You should inform your line manager that you are unwell and of your likely date of return. You should keep the Company informed of the progress of your illness while you remain absent from work. You must provide the appropriate certificates as referred to below at the relevant times, and complete any absence recording documentation as required on your return to work. Any deviation from the above notification requirements may result in unauthorised absence and, as stated below under “Disciplinary and Dismissal Procedure”, this could become a disciplinary matter. Certification of sickness absence You should produce the following written evidence of absence and ensure that appropriate certificates are provided for the whole of your absence. 7. Sickness absence Notification


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