Staff Handbook

41. Retirement The Company does not have a compulsory retirement age and will not compel any employee to retire. However, many employees plan for and look forward to retirement, and you may wish to retire at a future date. In order to assist with succession planning, you are encouraged to discuss your retirement plans at an early stage with your line manager. There will be no obligation on you to retire if you initiate such a discussion; only a clear letter of resignation/retirement from you will end your employment on retirement grounds. The Company reserves the right to initiate discussions with employees aged 60 or older about any plans they may have for retirement. This will be in the context of succession planning and there will be no compulsion on any employee to retire. 42.Notice Periods Your notice period is detailed in your individual Written Statement of Employment. By mutual agreement, notice periods may be waived. The Company reserves the right to require you not to carry out your duties or attend your place of work during the period of notice. At the absolute discretion of the Company, payment in lieu of working notice may be made.


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