Staff Handbook

holiday immediately precedes your adoption leave so that you do not need to return to work in between. Statutory Adoption Pay In order to be eligible to receive Statutory Adoption Pay (SAP) you must meet the following conditions: • Have been employed by the Company without a break for at least 26 weeks into the week before the week notification of the match is given. Part weeks count as full weeks. • Earn a weekly average of at least the Lower Earnings Limit for National Insurance Contributions (NI). This is the amount you have to earn before you start paying NI and is set by the Government. • Have given written notification of your adoption and a copy of the ‘matching certificate’ as outlined above under “Adoption Leave” SAP is payable for up to 39 weeks. For the first six weeks of adoption leave SAP is payable at the earnings related rate (equivalent to 90% of earnings) and for the remaining 33 weeks at the standard rate as set by the Government. Keeping in Touch The Company reserves the right to make reasonable contact with you whilst you are absent on adoption leave, for example, to notify you of relevant training events or to consult with you regarding changes happening at work. You are not obliged to undertake any work during your adoption leave, but you can agree to undertake up to 10 days work or training during your absence for the purposes of “keeping in touch”. There is no obligation on the Company to offer such opportunities. The arrangements for any agreed “keeping in touch” days, including what will be done and any payment must be agreed in advance (any SAP you receive will be offset against the rate agreed). 12.Paternity Leave If you are an expectant father/partner or adopter (of either sex), you may be entitled to Paternity Leave. Eligibility To be eligible you must: • have, or expect to have, responsibility for the child’s upbringing;


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