Staff Handbook

Under no circumstances must you load games or free issue software onto Company equipment. If a specific application programme is necessary for your work, then it will be purchased by the Company for your use. You must not make 'pirate' copies of Company owned software for use by other persons either inside or outside the Company. This not only breaks the Company rules, it is an illegal practice. 25.Social Media Policy The Company defines social media as any website or other medium (including video) that allows communication in the public domain (even where access may be restricted to a limited number of “friends”). This would include, but is not limited to, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and comments posted on websites. Access to Social Media may be by computer, tablet, smart phone, or other handheld device. As technology develops, social media is likely to expand and there are likely to be new methods of access. This policy is intended to apply in relation to such new developments. You should be aware that comments, images and video, etc. that you post on social media may be viewed by many different people and you normally have very little control over who may see them. It is important, therefore, that you ensure that you exercise some caution when using social media. You may not use social media during working hours, unless for business purposes. In your own time you must ensure that you do not use social media in any way that could cause damage to the Company and the brands it represents, or that could cause offence to colleagues, the Directors, customers or any other people connected to the Company (such as suppliers, premises and maintenance staff, and delivery workers). Use of social media that could breach the rules outlined above would include: • posting any comments about, or images or videos about the Company or the brands it represents. • posting comments that could present a negative image of the Company and the brands it represents. • posting any comments about, or images or videos of employees unless you have their permission, or if they are connected to you as “friends” and your posts are unrelated to work. • posting comments that could cause offence to customers or potential customers. • posting comments, images or videos that could present a negative image of you as an employee of the Company. This is not an exhaustive list. You are also responsible for ensuring that any comments that your connections or others put onto your own social media profile, or any posts that


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