Staff Handbook

Company Sick Pay Your Written Statement of Employment details the remuneration to which you may be entitled during periods of sickness. The following conditions apply to the payment of Company sick pay: • all payments made include SSP • as with SSP, the notification procedure must be followed in order to qualify for payment • where payable, sickness or industrial injury benefit must be claimed from the appropriate Government Agency and any benefit received must be notified to the Company; such benefits will be deducted from the above payments • if you are absent due to sickness during the course of disciplinary proceedings or during investigations into alleged breaches of rules, procedures or contractual obligations you will not be entitled to sickness payment (other than SSP) • if you are absent from work due to injury or illness caused by a third party, any payments made by the Company as sickness payment will be classed as a loan; this will be repayable to the Company by the employee if compensation for loss of earnings is recovered from the third party • eligibility for sickness payment will not prevent the Company from terminating your employment prior to the expiry of the maximum benefits. In certain circumstances it may be necessary for the Company to obtain a medical report from your GP or specialist (see above under “Sickness Absence”). A report would be sought where it would help to establish, for example, the reason for absence; the likely duration of the absence; and whether the condition was likely to recur. The report would be used in planning cover for the period of absence and in establishing whether there were measures available to the Company to assist your return to work. It would be in the interests of both yourself and the Company to establish, with the benefit of expert medical opinion, your ability to work. You have certain rights under the Access to Medical Reports Act 1988 which give you the following three options: Option 1: You may withhold your consent to an application for a report from a doctor. 8. Access to Medical Reports


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