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With a heritage of 45 years outfitting adventurers for extreme weather and conditions, innovation is at the core of STORMTECH’s culture and values. Our durable, functional, contemporary clothing is built using advanced fabric technologies, and smart sourcing and manufacturing. To help our customer easily identify the benefits of our high-performance gear, we’ve developed a collection of 8 technology icons.

Keeps outside moisture from penetrating the fabric. The waterproof rating is typically expressed in milliliters (1,000mm to 10,000mm) based on water pressure tolerance over a 24-hour period. Generally, the higher the rating, the higher the waterproof protection. WATERPROOF

600mm to 2,000mm BASIC | LEVEL 1

2,000mm to 8,000mm HIGH | LEVEL 2

8,000mm to 15,000mm+ EXTREME | LEVEL 3

The movement of air from one side of the fabric to the other to keep the wearer comfortable. The breathability rating is typically expressed in a gram measurement of how much vapor a square meter (G/M2) of fabric will allow to pass in a 24-hour period (typically, 1,000G/M2 to 10,000G/M2) the higher the number, the more breathable the garment. BREATHABLE

1,000g/m 2 to 5,000g/m 2 BASIC | LEVEL 1

5,000g/m 2 to 5,000g/m 2 HIGH | LEVEL 2

15,000g/m 2 + EXTREME | LEVEL 3

A system developed by STORMTECH by taking several factors into consideration such as activity level, wind chill, sun exposure etc. A useful guide for selecting the appropriate garment for your adventure. CLIMATE RANGE

+20°C (68°F) to +5°C (41°F) MILD

+5°C (41°F) to -10°C (14°F) COLD

-10°C (14°F) to -30°C (-22°F) EXTREME COLD

SEALED SEAMS Seam sealing is the application of a specialized

CRITICALLY SEALED SEAMS The critically sealed seams icon indicates that the seams and junctions most vulnerable to leak under normal conditions - typically the seams on the neck, shoulders, and chest – are sealed. In this case, not all seams are sealed. Critical seam sealing is a suitable technology for most outdoor activities, but full seam sealing is best for extreme weather. DEVICE SIZE The maximum device size icon indicates the maximum size device that the product device pocket or compartment will accommodate. RFID BLOCK RFID block materials effectively block radio frequency. Chip-enabled cards like credit cards and identification cards can be wirelessly ‘skimmed’ to collect your personal data. RFID block technology protects from electronic pickpocketing, and wireless theft.

waterproof film used to seal seams. Because sewing needles create small holes that will cause the fabric to leak, seam-sealing is used to seal the holes, to make the seam waterproof. Fully seam-sealed indicates that all seams are sealed, to make a watertight outer membrane. ULTRASONIC WELDED SEAMS Ultrasonic welded seams make a watertight seam using mechanical vibrations above the audible range to ‘weld’ fabric panels together, without any needle punctures from sewing. Ultrasonic seam welding is an advanced manufacturing process and makes an absolute leak proof seam.

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